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Scholarship applications for the Iowa Tourism Conference, March 2 - 4, 2020 are now available. Completed applications must be received in the EITA office by noon on December 5, 2019

Please note this is a received in the office date, not a postmark date.  

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Eastern Iowa Tourism

Scholarship Program for the Iowa Tourism Conference

Scholarship applications to the Iowa Tourism Conference are now available.  Eastern Iowa Tourism Association has 10 scholarships to award.  The purpose of the scholarship grant is to assist and defray the cost associated with attending the Iowa Tourism Conference and fund industry members who would be unable to attend due to financial restrictions. 

Review the Instruction Sheet carefully. It reviews format requirements, eligible applicants, eligible training sessions, eligible expenses and submission requirements.  

If you decide to apply using the following online form, you will still be required to meet all scholarship guidelines and meet the deadline stated on the instruction sheet of December 5, 2019

Click Here to download a copy of the 2020 Scholarship Application. 

If you prefer to download and mail or email your application to EITA, our address is PO Box 189 in Dyersville, Iowa 52040. Our email address is

Please note that applications are due in the EITA office by NOON on December 5, 2019 (not postmarked by this date). If you have questions, please contact Carrie Koelker at 563-875-7269. 

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